Rosanna Faraci is truly one of Melbourne' s most diverse talents, from modelling, presenting to photography she has had a long history in the entertainment business.

Growing up in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Rosanna comes from a second-generation Australian family as her parents her both born in Italy. 

It was when she was young that Rosanna had two ambitions, either to be a primary school or a model. 

It was the modelling industry that she chose, and she immediately made an impact, becoming one of Melbourne's most recognisable faces in the 1990s and the 2000s.

Some of her modelling highlights include working for Deal or No Deal, countless underwear billboards, modelling for Anthony Robbins at his resort in Fiji and Fashions on the Fields competitions around the world. Rosanna was also the legs on the pantyhose packaging for The Kardassians for many years.

Rosanna was the first to get a trifecta when it comes to Fashions On The Field competitions at the races, winning the Caulfield, Flemington and Dubai competitions, which were all hotly contested. 

While to this day Rosanna could be a top model, she ventured towards photography with immediate success.

"I've always loved photography and would always daydream when I was modelling that one day I would be on the other side of the camera," she said. 

 "Having been in front of the camera the majority of my life it gives me a great perspective where I find it allows me to capture the mood, angles and great communication with model."

Since she began photography, she has had huge success, both in event and celebrity photography.

Some of the big names she has photographed include  Silvana Philippoussis, Justin Lacko, Richard Reid , Yvie Jones, GSP, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shane Warne and one of her great friends, Australian actress Nicky Whelan who is doing great things in Hollywood.

Photography is a passion of Rosannas.

"Time stands stills and I'm caught in the present moment when photographing," Rosanna said.

"It's important all elements blend to capture the perfect picture.

 “Having experience in front of the camera helps me get rapport with my subjects sooner.

With all her experience in modelling and photography, Rosanna decided to produce the Black & White Moods coffee table book, which launched to much success early in 2019. 

It was a huge project for her to take on, and she is proud of the result. 

“Putting the book together was quite emotional as it’s a photography journal of my past ten years of travel, adventure and new friendships," she said.

"The biggest thing I learnt was to do what you can with what you have with where you are. If the vibes and inspiration is there magic occurs."

Rosanna is also an accomplished presenter, producing and hosting her own television show Out And About With Rosanna Faraci.

 The show has seen her travel all over Australia and the world interviewing celebrities and going behind the scenes at some of the best events. 

At home Rosanna is a proud single mother to two daughters, and she always has them in mind when it comes to her work, with whatever she does.

"Being a single parent, I really want to inspire my family in following their passion even if the odds are against you," she said.

" I also believe it’s important to give back as every bit counts and that's why I dedicated the last page to the Kids Foundation as it assists kids who are survivors of crime, trauma or accidents."  

Rosanna Faraci is one of Melbourne’s hardest workers in the entertainment business, and her potential is limitless.

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