Infini Treatment

  • Thank you so much for my Infini treatment @vicdermalgroup . Highly recommend this to refine pores , stimulate your own natural collagen , help with fine lines and tightening of the skin. You see full affect after 4 to 6 weeks . Bit a redness after but only lasts 24 hrs . I have had this once before and definitely noticed a difference. This is post 1 week

Sagging skin can add 10+ years to your overall appearance. At the Victorian Dermal Group, we’ve made it our priority to employ the most effective non-invasive antiaging treatment – because we know how life-changing these results can be.

Our highly sought after non-invasive antiaging treatment is achieved by using the latest in radio frequency technology and fraxel laser in Melbourne. The LUTRONIC INFINI is a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) treatment used to address concerns relating to antiaging and rejuvenating.

Infini RF is indicated for the treatment of acne scares, fine line and wrinkles, skin laxity, other scars – surgical and trauma scares and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), ageing, sagging skin and wrinkles and laxity. The main advantage of Fractional Intradermal Radio Frequency is it’s reduced healing time, as opposed ot other types of Fractional devices. Because the energy is delivered below the skin surface, there is minimal recovery time and is suitable for patients of all skin colour and types.

The result of tighter, smoother skin is immediate. In addition to the initial thickening of collagen, heating collagen fibres in this way triggers the body’s natural wound response. When skin is wounded, our body instantly works to heal the wound by creating new collagen – delivering immediate results to tighten skin and provide long-term rejuvenation.