Lumity Supplements

I love to try thing for a few months before I review them . Lumity is a supplement I have noticed improved my energy levels, longer restful sleep. I also noticed my skin quality is more supple and youthful.

A holistic beauty supplement, created by a Cambridge University sceientist and loved by former Victoria Secret Angel, Helena Christensen, has finally made its way to Australian shores.

Lumity is the brainchild of Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey and offers an innovative, ingestible, two-step beauty treatment, which promotes heathier hair, skin and nails while also addressing the nine signs of ageing.

Split into easy-to-digest morning and evening capsules, Lumity fills the body with the right nutrients it needs through the day. Providing and easy to use twice-daily supplement to support a healthier, younger lifestyle, Lumity's ingredients address the external and internal pressure the body deals with on daily basis such as hormones, lifestyle choices, UV, stress and fatigue - each of which can leave body depleted of key nutrients.

The Morning supplement is focused on supporting energy production, reducing inflammation and defending against environment and lifestyle aggressors, while the Evening supplement nurtures the body into clearing cellular debris, replenishing vital antioxidants, repairing and recovering.

With Helena Christensen recently announced as the global brand ambassador and a circle of celebrities loving the results of Lumity, including Yasmin Le Bon and Kerry Washington, it won't be long until Australian ladies and gents are seeing the luminous results of this vitamin and nutrient packed, GMO-free beauty supplement. 

Lumity is currently available for purchase at for a monthly price of $130, when purchased through an Auto-Replenishment plan.

Comprehensive protection and correction from the inside out.

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