I absolutely love the results from my endermologie treatments.  I like to have 3 in a week just before I get back in front of the camera for my underwear photoshoots. The benefits are it gets all the circulation going in your body, lymphatic drainage, helps with fluid retention in stubborn areas.  Your skin texture also improves . Once a month I like to maintain for general health benefits combined with balanced diet and exercise.

How Endermologie® can help you to have your dream body achieving all the following results at each session:

FIRM THE SKIN & Anti-Ageing
Boost the Collagen, Elastin & Hyaluronic Acid

Skin loses its elasticity due to age, Hormonal Changes, Illness, Weight Fluctuations, Pregnancies, and other factors.

Endermologie® Solution to RESCULPT THE BODY

Thanks to a series of specific maneuvers, the Endermologie® technique rebuilds and repositions certain creases of your body (especially the gluteal fold) to restore a natural harmony to your curves. It results in the body regains its beautiful curves and your figure becomes harmonious.

Naturally the body’s volumes are often asymmetrical, and curves may lack shape and harmony.
The most affected areas are generally the waist, stomach, thighs and above or lower of the buttocks.
Endermologie® Solution:

The motorised rollers and suction of the of the LPG head mechanically stimulate cells to start rejuvenating themselves and to activate the cells that are responsible for skin youth (Fibroblasts).
Once activated, these cells begin to Re-synthesis Collagen (+240%) and result in accelerating of skin Firmness, Density, and Volume.
Remove Stubborn FAT

Adipocytes cells maintain the balance between the production and elimination of fat all over the body. Even with a perfectly healthy lifestyle, over time, these cells activity slows down. resulting in fat storage around cells and connective tissues as well as compression of blood and lymphatic vessels.
Endermologie® Solution to Remove Stubborn FAT

Endermologie can help with stimulating the slimming cells (Adipocytes) to release fat naturally by more than (+70%*).
With adopting this technique, we can target and slim the areas that have fat storage; even the most resistant to physical exercise and diet.

Both fat storage and water retention are the main cause for forming Cellulite in the body. As the fat cells grow the connective tissue (Septa) pulls on the skin surface and cause reduction of skin elasticity.
At the same time, circulatory exchanges blood and toxins accumulate around cells. That is when cellulite appears.
Endermologie® Solution:

The Endermologie® technique activates Blood and Lymphatic Circulation, Release Fat (+%70)*, and drain the Toxins
Simultaneously, Endermologie makes fat tissues less Fibrous while accelerates Skin Elasticity by Production of Collagen & Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid (+%80)*.
As a result, cellulite disappears and leaving the skin younger, smoother, and softer.


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